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Claims Investigation Agency has been serving the entire Florida community since 1987. We specialize in fraud, worker's compensation, personal injury, domestic and other varied investigations. We are retained by some of the top plaintiff and defense law firms and insurance companies in the United States.

Don Blair, our president, is the former in house supervisor of the Special Investigations Unit of Gallagher Bassett Insurance Company, a nationally recognized insurance company and also the National Account Manager. He has an extensive background in civil investigations, both on the plaintiff's side and the defense side. He specializes in subrogation investigations. He has a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and has also been retained by the top criminal law firms throughout South Florida. Our staff represents over 90 years of combined experience, knowledge and diversity. We have Spanish and Creole speaking investigators on staff. In addition, we also have a staff attorney and staff insurance adjusters.

Claims Investigation Agency is licensed and insured and we can perform any investigative task, including surveillance, fraud investigation, product liability, personal injury, asset investigation, arson, wrongful death lawsuits, background investigation, special process service and a wide range of other services.

Claims Investigation Agency
was established in 1987 and is one of the longest standing investigative agencies in the state of Florida. We have experienced a great deal of success representing both the plaintiff and the insurance defense in investigative matters.

Our Florida Private Investigator Agency license number is A 8700095. This number informs you that we were licensed in 1987 as a Private Investigative Agency. Florida law requires us and other investigative agencies to include this number in any publication or advertisement. When choosing your Private Investigators, you can refer to this number to determine how many years they have been operating. You can also contact the Florida Department of Licensing and refer to this number to inquire about the firm. Remember, you cannot legally hire a Private Investigator who does not work for an agency with the letter "A" affixed to their license. Private Investigators who have a "C" or "CC" affixed to their license must be hired through an agency.

All Investigations and Security Services are privileged and will be held with the strictness of Confidence as stated under Chapter 493.6119, Florida State Statutes.

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